{Liana & Cara} Photo Shoot

I was so happy when Liana contacted me about a photo shoot of her daughter! This little girl is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! She was great to photograph. During the photo shoot Cara had a visit from two little friends…Madison and Kielei. And now for the many faces of Cara…


She looks so serious! LOL I love it.


And here’s Cara with her mom, Liana.


Madison, Kieleiand Cara played and eventually I pulled Cara and Liana away to take this photo. What? The sign in the background is fun.


I love this little bear. Cara’s daddy is in the Navy and is currently stationed somewhere in the Mediterranean. If you don’t know about Operation Gratitude you should check it out.¬†http://www.operationgratitude.com/


And then we found this little path.


And we were REALLY grateful that Madison and Kielei’s mom, Jordan, brought this rocking chair with her to our photo shoot! And then we played in the field!


and then I tried to get all of the girls to pose in the chair…





But Madison didn’t have time for the rocking chair. She did, however, have time for bubbles. (and a grumpy-ish face)


And here is what Kielei had for us.


The thing about Kielei is she will try anything once. If only for a minute. She will also eat anything. Well, except for blueberries. She doesn’t like those. Here is her daddy giving her a flower. Her mommy (Jordan) is holding her.


Cara’s mom, Liana, knows Jordan and Kielei because she works at the daycare on the Navy base. Liana is one of her teachers. :-) The next two photos need none of my drab commentary. But *sniff* how sweet (and sad) are they?


There were more pictures but I’m seriously overwhelmed by all of them. I hope this collage of photos tells a story and makes sense. As soon as Andrew (Cara’s daddy and Liana’s hubby), gets back from deployment we will do a family photo shoot! Sending prayers and blessings to this sweet family and all of our service men and women serving our country.


~ Carmen

P.S. – Note to self: When you tell a client to meet you at “the field” you should probably have a landmark. Like, other than just “the field” off Roosevelt. You know, the field. *lol*

P.P.S – See below for the “after photo shoot” shenanigans. They were all beating on the back of Alex’s truck. Good way to end the night.





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  1. mom says:

    Awesome eye for the natural and capturing the beauty of the little moments. Got a kick out of your captions as well.

  2. Liana says:

    We are so glad we were introduced to you. Thanks to you, Cara and I were able to help Andrew feel closer to home :) we can not wait to take pictures as a family with you! Thank you to the Perkins family for helping,lending and Introducing us! This blog is awesome like you and your photography. Thank you for your kindness, expertise and going above and beyond!

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