{The Hernandez Wedding} Shhhhh…they eloped

Rick & Krystal met in the summer of 2011. She was a server in a restaurant at the beach and when he walked in it was pretty much over. Krystal says “you know how people always tell you that “you’ll just know”, well this was definitely one of those “you just know” situations”.  One of the first romantic trips they took was to St Augustine so they decided it would be the perfect place to return as a family and exchange vows. They decided to get married at The Love Tree.


Apparently if you kiss underneath the “Love Tree” your love will last forever.

Also, as I was editing these sweet photos I found I kept listening to this song {which you should listen to right now}



Man this is such a beautiful family!

Augustine Gate

…and back at The Love Tree

Hernandez Family

Seriously?!? The look on Ezra’s face…so adorable. He was so sweet and friendly. Here’s what I totally love about Krystal…she pays attention to the details. Just look at this awesome banner! She went crazy on Etsy. {and even bought me a gift! How flippin’ sweet is this woman!}

Just Married

I’m glad we took photos early because it started raining as soon as they exchanged their vows!  I really really really loved the banner and the colors she chose for her wedding details couldn’t have been more perfect! Below is Ezra’s little pin for his outfit.


A few more details…”YAY!!!”


The exchange of vows ceremony was sweet with just a few people stopping to watch.


I love black & white edits at weddings. They have a certain feel to them that the color versions do not. I like to add a little grain to them so it seems like they were taken with my old school Canon 35mm


This is what passerby’s saw


And in the end, this was such a beautiful wedding that I feel very grateful to have been a part of. Thank you Rick, Krystal & Ezra for letting me capture this special event.

~ Carmen

P.S. – Krystal gave me a gift (a beautifully wrapped one)! It was this beautiful bag that has little cameras on it. I’d never received a gift from a bride before!


P.P.S – A photog friend of mine, Fred (I call him FredD), came with me to St Augustine to help me photograph the wedding. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about FredD in the future!

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