{Emma} Photo Shoot

Don’t let this cute little face fool you. This girl is full of spunk.


and when I say “spunk” I mean attitude.  Here’s an example:

Me: hey Emma can you roll your boots down for this picture

Emma: nope

Me: okay then


I kinda feel like this one is a diva in training.  But she can get away with it because she’s adorable.  So there’s that.





Seriously.  That face and those beautiful eyes!EmmaBlog3

Emma’s mom, Heather, started to change her into another outfit in the back of the SUV and Emma said “Um, we need to find somewhere else to change”.  The following photos is one of my favorites.


I’m not really sure how I got her to make that face but it went a little something like…




This is one taken as the sun was setting over Lake McCloud in Eagle Lake, Florida.  Andddd I love it!


Thanks Emma & Heather for participating in this wonderful photo shoot.  It will forever be one of the best memories I have before moving to South Carolina. ~ Carmen

P.S – these photos were taken with a new camera body {Canon 5D Mark II} and a new lens {Canon 35mm f/1.4L}

P.P.S – best Emmaism was when her dad asked what she wanted for her birthday and she said “well, I DO need a car” and her dad said well, you’re only 4 soooo…hahaHA

P.P.P.S …here are some outakes?  I don’t know what to call them.  But, they’re cute.



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  1. Corinne says:

    I love looking at the results of Emma’s photo shoot, and your comments! She is precious and you captured some good moments!

  2. fredD says:

    Excellent Carmen! The shot on the tracks IS the best. Good luck in S.C. & keep up the great work.

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